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About us

Behind every success, there is a story to be told.

Team of people

The word success has many definitions. For many it means money, for some it’s dedication and for others it’s growth. Our belief is that success is defined on your own terms. For us, success means being a trusted partner to our customers. It means implementing innovative technologies to help our clients reach their goals. It means utilizing our experience to solve any and every software problem. And last but not least, it means being flexible and agile.

We’re an international team of developers who wanted to bring our own value into the work we do, thus why we founded Key Development in 2014. In just shy of 8 years our team and projects have grown immensely. Our work is international, just like code is. Our goal is to provide the qualitative work that the IT sector has been lacking in the past decade.

Transparent and timely communication is key to building a strong relationship with our customers. From providing regular status updates to being upfront about any challenges we may be facing, we believe that transparency is the foundation of trust with our clients.

All in all, we’re seasoned developers, from consultations and advice to delivering excellent results and everything in between, you can trust we’ll handle your project more than efficiently.

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Our values


Reliability is the foundation of trust, it is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. A reliable team is a powerful team, one that can accomplish anything it sets its mind to.


Every success is a step-by-step process. KeyDev is constantly changing, improving, and adapting to the modern challenges of tomorrow. We're rebuilding not only yours but our success too.


There is no idea too crazy for us. The technology world is shaped by those who are not afraid of trying something new, those who know how to adapt and eventually move progress forward.


Adaptation and flexibility are absolute necessities in the world of constant digital innovation. They're also an integral when it comes to communication and connection with our customers.

Meet the partners - background

Meet the partners

Partner Kamen Borisov

Kamen Borisov

Founder, CEO, Project Manager

Kamen’s technical background stems from his various experiences in the e-commerce field of IT. He is a diligent & trustworthy individual with an eye for detail. His vast experience in handling projects is what inspired him to jump into the entrepreneurial world. And that is where Key Dev’s story began.

Partner Angel Milanov

Angel Milanov

CO-Founder, CTO, Enterprise software architect

Progress & growth are determining for one’s attainment, especially according to Angel. His desire for success and achievement made him step out of his comfort zone and join the entrepreneurial world (optional where Key Dev was born). At Key Dev Angel is both a CTO and an Enterprise Architect. His drive, persistency and knowledge are qualities that anyone who works with him can see/note/observe.


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