Start a fully-fledged private blockchain network for the enterprise.

Blockchain-backed smart contracts are the new digitalized form of contracts – self-enforcing and tamperproof. Companies world-wide have only begun to realize the immense potential of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies. Be the first and automate processes across your supply chain, enforce digital rights or, simply put, reduce the paperwork, when doing business with you partners.

Private Peer-to-Peer Channels.

Participants share information only over communication channels they have previously joined. All information is exchanged in a private and encrypted manner. This organization allows for multiple layers of security inside of a single blockchain network.


Our offer comprises constructing a one-of-a-kind blockchain network, adjusted to your needs. No part of the blockchain network is exposed on the Internet. Only pre-selected entities can take part in the network. That is why, our blockchain solutions provide a piece of mind for customers with highly sensitive contractual agreements.

Custom Smart Contract Logic.

Smart contracts are a perfect fit for the expression “code is law”. We understand that flexibility is key to success. There are no limitations on smart contracts. You can optimize your entire supply chain and ensure no counterfeit parts from your vendors enter your production lines or repair shops. Connecting with IoT data your blockchain network can further reduce the manual labor. When it comes to intangible assets, blockchain can help implement your digital rights management. In general, blockchain solutions can facilitate and automate your complex contractual agreements between multiple involved parties.

Technology Stack.

Our development team leverage the open-source Hyperledger Fabric technology to implement private blockchain networks. They combine their skills for the Hyperledger Fabric platform and their expertise in Go Lang, Java EE & Spring, Node.js and diverse web technologies to produce high-quality enterprise-grade applications.

  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Golang
  • Java EE & Spring
  • Node.js
  • Web Frontend Technologies

Rapid Prototyping.

To help you understand how blockchain works, our team of professionals could quickly devise a proof-of-concept application for a real-world scenario. In our view, building a functioning prototype and exploring possibilities as early as possible is the best strategy to get you started using blockchain-backed smart contracts.